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Two little rabbits

Posted on Tue Sep 6th, 2016 @ 8:42pm by Lieutenant Alice Rhodes

Mission: The Ties That Bind
Location: Seclusion, Faidon IV
Timeline: (Immidiatly following; A Town Called Seclusion)

Alice observed the Captain walk off with the community leaders with interest. They’d seemed so…
bothered by their presence. Like someone annoyingly pushing the cat off the computer panel for the hundredth time. Turning to Sam she shrugged and let out a small laugh. Then realised her coworker had already started on her way.

“Right.” she muttered to herself. “What needs packing? What stays behind?” Slowly she started to walk around. “Everything looks so.. so.. desolate.” With a frown she started towards a groupe of people. They dispersed as she got close.

“Huh!” Spotting another small grouping she approached them, only to find herself alone despite her efforts to the contrary. These people were really acting strangely. Nodding to herself she set about to simply observe the area, taking note where she could, of the people.

She did not understand how everything looked so.. desolate. You’d expect some of it to look like it was still under construction, but everything? Something was definitely off here. Her attention was drawn to a habitat module. Stepping closer she stared at the partially removed wall. Some of the electronics had been .. cannibalised. There were holes in a few places, giving her a glimpse of the interior. Someone lived here!

She searched around for someone, anyone, to ask questions to. Spotting a pair of unsuspecting prey, she went about to set her trap. It took a while, but eventually, she stood between 3 habitat structures built in a U shape, barring the way out to her now captured friends. She smiled, partially because she was happy with herself, partially to hide her irritation at these games.

“Gentlemen! I have questions…”

The answers she’d gotten were… odd to say the least. The pair she’d accosted where merchants. At least they thought they were. That uncertainty in itself was cause for concern. She’d pushed a little further and realised they didn’t even know how they’d gotten here. No matter how she brought things up, they really seemed to be oblivious.

Her questions on the state of disrepair and lack of continued work were met with blank stares and shrugs. It was like they just didn’t know anything. Other than they had work to do, and she was getting in the way. What work that was, was left for her to discover. They had simply shook their heads and said it was not for them to say.

All of this was just too peculiar. Something strange was afoot, and she needed to tell the captain right away.

She never noticed the form watching her from the shadows of the tech building.

LT Alice Rhodes
Chief Operations Officer


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