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The Ones Left Behind

Posted on Fri Sep 2nd, 2016 @ 4:03am by Commander Elliot Drake & Lieutenant JG Omar Saeed

Mission: The Ties That Bind
Location: USS Manoora - Bridge

Eric had started his shift making some rounds throughout the ship. He stopped by and was talking to some of the enlisted brig officers. Not much going on there they had a couple off-duties get in a scuffle over drinks and where sleeping it off. After the brig Eric made his way to see some of his co-workers in the Operations center. People where moving around, being in war time made for very busy Damage control crews. Generally the mood was positive other than typical grumpy non-morning persons. Finally Eric had made his way to the Bridge with most of the Senior Staff planet-side that left the XO in charge of the ship and manly Junior Officers manning the shifts.

Eric made his way on the bridge and the mood was low key. Everyone was keeping an eye out for the Dominion Fleet but it wasn't expected to reach here yet. Eric saw Lt.jg Saeed manning the tactical station he went over to him. "Things quiet so far?"

Saeed looked up from a new set of scans. "Hey Senior Chief, things are going well. You must have been in the armory too long we don't use the 'Q' word out loud on the bridge." Saeed loved giving Eric a hard time.

Eric gave out a laugh he didn't even realize he had said that. He gave Saeed a nod and headed over to talk to Commander Drake who was seated in the center chair. "You fit the chair well Commander." Eric jested.

Drake looked up from the PADD he was reading, a report on a recent battle. It took him a moment to process what Mixon had said. "Oh, thank you, Chief. I'm not convinced the chair fits me. I was planning on my first stint as an executive officer to be under very different circumstances. And how has your new job been treating you? Getting along well enough with the crew?"

"Yes, Sir very well just been making some rounds and checking the pulse of the crew. Seeing what concerns they may have. For the most part morale is positive given the circumstances. Anything new going on up here?" Eric didn't have to much to report.

Drake shook his head. "Nothing much so far, though I'm not complaining. If I've learned nothing else about this war so far, it's to enjoy these quiet moments. Still, it would be nice to hear from the away team. It's been quiet on that front too. Those colonists must be every bit as stubborn as I feared."

Mixon nodded and took sat down in the seat to the XO's left, deliberately avoiding the XO's seat. "People can be pretty attached to their homes," he said somewhat philosophically. "You know the skipper, sir. Do you think he'll convince them to evacuate?"

"I hope so, Chief. If anyone on this ship can do it, it's Captain Whitlam. We just need to make sure we give them enough time." Fate seemed to have a sense of dramatic irony. Drake had barely finished his thought before proximity alerts signaled some activity from the combat air patrol. The first officer shifted away from the conversation and back into crisis mode. "What do we have?"

Saeed checked his sensor readings from the tactical station. "Sir, Gold squadron is reporting activity near the outer marker."

"Open a channel," Drake replied. "Let's see what they've got."

Commander Elliot Drake
Executive Officer

Senior Chief Petty Officer Eric Mixon
Chief of the Boat


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