Commander Elliot Drake

Name Elliot Drake

Position Executive Officer

Rank Commander


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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 38

Physical Appearance


Father Matthew Drake
Mother Patricia Drake (nee Chapman)
Sister(s) Michelle Bennett
Other Family David Bennett (brother-in-law), James Bennett (nephew), Julia Bennett (niece)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Elliot was always an explorer at heart. He loved learning about the world around him, and joined Starfleet to see the galaxy and study the unknown. His natural curiosity sometimes gets the better of him. He is always friendly and generally well liked by his peers. He has always hated violence, but unterstands that part of being in Starfleet is being called upon to defend the Federation.

Personal History Elliot Drake was born in 2335 in Bozeman, New Montana, Alpha Cantauri. Elliot was the oldest of two children. His sister, Michelle, was three years younger. Growing up, young Elliot was fascinated in science and exploration. Biology was always an interest, but his love was for chemistry and physics. Studying and understanding how the universe was made up occupied many of his thoughts.

In 2353, Elliot joined Starfleet Academy in the sciences division. He aspired to be an explorer, ready to seek out new worlds and discover the unknowns of the galaxy. Upon graduation in 2357, he was assigned as a junior science officer on the Excelsior-class USS Yorktown.

While on the Yorktown, Elliot impressed his superior officers with his natural curiosity. He would often spend time in the lab off duty assisting other officers with their projects, or working late on his own. This earned him a promotion in 2361, and eventually the opportunity to take on new projects.

In 2364 Elliot was given the opportunity to transfer to a new ship, the USS Armstrong, where he became the ship's assistant chief science officer. With the transfer, he also recieved a promotion to Lieutenant. Over the next four years, Elliot took on bigger projects, and often had whole teams working with him as the lead researcher. He had expressed some desire to take on more of a leadership role, and on the retirement on the Armstrong's chief science officer, Elliot passed the bridge officer's exam and was given command of the the Armstrong's science department.

In 2370, while on a survey mission the Armstrong was severely damaged by a plasma storm. Communications throughout the ship were cut off, and main power was offline. The ship's first officer suffered a concussion during the accident, leaving Elliot in charge of the bridge. Keeping the junior officers calm and composed, they were able to restore partial power and locate the captain. Eventually their distress signal was answered by another ship, and casualties were light. Unfortunately, the damage to the aging Constellation-class ship was to significant, and the Armstrong was decommissioned.

Drake was promoted to Lt. Commander for his actions, and took over as chief science officer and second officer of the USS Sutherland in 2370. There he continued to dabble in command under Captain Whitlam. In addition to his duties as science officer, Elliot would often command the night shift. Both explorers at heart, Elliot grew to be good friends with Captain Whitlam. Both were disappointed in the lack of survey and exploratory missions undertaken by the Sutherland, and was delighted to find that Whitlam had offered Elliot a place as executive officer on his next command, the Akira-class USS Manoora. Elliot was aprensive about moving out of the science department and into a command role, but he and Whitlam both knew that it was the next step in getting the chance to command a survey ship of his own. He accepted the offer, and in late 2373 he started to settle in to his new role as they preparred to help establish a new colony on Lomax III.
Service Record 2353 - 2357: Starfleet Academy, Sciences Division (Cadet)
2357 - 2361: Science Officer, USS Yorktown (Ensign)
2361 - 2364: Science Officer, USS Yorktown (Lieutenant JG)
2364 - 2368: Assistant Chief Science Officer, USS Armstrong (Lieutenant)
2368 : Passed Bridge Officers exam
2368 - 2370: Chief Science Officer, USS Armstrong (Lieutenant)
2370 - 2373: Chief Science Officer, USS Sutherland (Lt. Commander)
2373 - pres: Executive Officer, USS Manoora (Commander)

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