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An Intolerable Delay

Posted on Wed Jun 15th, 2016 @ 2:43pm by Captain Julius Whitlam & Commander Elliot Drake & Lieutenant Commander Anders Odegaard & Lieutenant Alice Rhodes

Mission: The Ties That Bind
Location: Main Bridge
Timeline: Arrival at Faidon IV

“Entering the Faidon System, Captain,” Ensign Sel’alla reported from the helm.

“Take us to impulse, Ensign,” Whitlam ordered. He looked the personification of calm as he stood in front of his command chair with his hands clasped behind his back. “Lieutenant Rhodes, scan the system. Are there any ships out there - Dominion or otherwise?”

"Negative sir." The young lieutenant stared at her console and punched in a few commands. "Got some slightly elevated gamma radiation, but that's likely due to the suns unconventional size."

“Very good,” the captain replied with a nod. “Helm, put us in orbit of the colony.” He turned around to face the Tactical console. “Mister Odegaard, open a channel to the colony.”

"Aye Sir." Anders said in response as he pressed instruments on his console. "Channel open."

“Faidon Colony. This is Captain Julius Whitlam of the Federation Starship Manoora. A Dominion fleet is expected to overrun this sector in the coming days. I need to speak with your leadership immediately.”

"No response, doesn't look like anyone is home." Anders commented to him.

Whitlam’s brow furrowed and he glanced over at Drake. “I’d hoped for at least a rude ‘Go away’,” he said with a shrug. He looked up at Odegaard. “Keep repeating the hail until we get a response, if you please, Mister Odegaard.”

"Aye Sir." The Tactical Officer commented.

"There have been no signs of Dominion activity here, at least not yet," Drake mused out loud. "It's possible, but doubtful that the Jem'Hadar have been through here. At least I'm not picking up any signs of a struggle on sensors. Maybe we caught them at a bad time?"

Whitlam offered a wry smile as he sat back down in his chair. "Or perhaps they're all hiding behind furniture and pretending nobody's home?"

"Knocking on the door, but nobodies home... yet, i got lifesigns sir." Alice frowned. Why play deaf? "Maybe their comms are down?"

The captain stroked his chin as he considered that. "It's possible," he said after a moment. "But I suspect they're hearing us. This is probably their way of making us feel as unwelcome as possible. I'm prepared to tolerate being ignored for a little while, but if they don't respond in a reasonable time we'll just have to drop in unannounced."

So they waited. And waited. The hail repeated and the colony repeatedly ignored it. The Manoora had settled into a high orbit of the planet and her officers and crew still waited. But they couldn’t wait forever. The frustration of it started to gnaw at Whitlam as he paced back and forth across the bridge in the space between his chair and the helm and ops positions.

“How long has it been now?” he snapped suddenly, turning an irritated eye to the image of the planet on the viewscreen.

"Four hours and counting Captain." Anders said looking towards the Captains Chair.

Whitlam made up his mind and switched into action. “I'm not waiting any longer,” he said before turning back and looking at Odegaard. “Stop the repeat hail and send a new message. Inform the colonial leadership that I and other officers will be beaming down. Then assemble the away team.”

"Aye Captain." Anders said as he pressed the keys on the console and then pressed the Comm. "Away Team to assemble in Transporter Room One."

“Number One, launch the CAP and keep a sharp eye. I want to know the second you detect any Dominion activity.”

"Aye, Captain." Elliot still wasn't a fan of letting the captain lead the away team, but he was still the best choice for resolving this issue diplomatically. Drake knew there was no point arguing otherwise. "If we see anything, you'll be the first to know."

With that, the captain strode toward the turbolift, his whole manner filled with a purpose. “Ms Rhodes, Mr Odegaard. You're with me. You have the conn, Number One.”

With Whitlam's departure, Drake moved over to the center chair. "And now we wait," he said to no one in particular.

Captain Julius Whitlam
Commanding Officer

Commander Elliot Drake
Executive Officer

Lieutenant Commander Anders Odegaard
Chief Sec/Tac Officer/Second Officer

Lieutenant Alice Rhodes
Chief Operations Officer
USS Manoora


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