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Intelligent much?

Posted on Thu Mar 31st, 2016 @ 11:19am by Lieutenant Commander Anders Odegaard & 1st Lieutenant Undara Yarrell & Warrant Officer Gretzka Marek & Petty Officer 2nd Class Eliza Cutter

Mission: The Ties That Bind

Following the meeting with the Tactical Department of the Manoora, Anders had one additional stop to make. He had yet to inform the Intelligence Team of the recent changes to the Chain of command. He felt it be best to hear it from them than a stranger.

The Commander entered the Offices to see several of the Analyists gathered round a Monitor examining the streams of data presented on screen. "We can't expect the Fleet to divert resources from Andoria and Vulcan, it leaves them exposed on the right flank." Warrant Officer Gretzka commented to the people,gathered around.

"That maybe the case, but if Bolarus and Denobula don't get something then they will be gone." Lieutenant Yarrell said n argument of the Warrant Officer.

Anders stood back for a moment and observed the bickering, it felt a relief to see them bicker about the job and not at the Card Game they played that forced Gretzka to cough up 2 bars of Latinum and a bottle of unopened Andorian Whiskey. But Anders then coughed to,get their attention.

The group turned around to see Anders sporting a Hollow Pip and a Uniform change. "Commander? You're not wearing red anymore?" Petty Officer Cutter asked a little surprised.

He nodded. "That's right Pretty Officer." Anders turned his attention to Yarrell and Gretzka. "Lieutenant, Warrant Officer, please see me in the Office when you have a second."

The two of them nodded and followed Anders into the back Office.

"Here's how it is, the Captain has moved me over to Tactical." Anders comments as he leant against the desk. "With the amount of transfers in and out of the Ship, he needs a steady hand to keep the Department n task."

"Where does that leave us Commander?" Gretzka asked Anders, the Bajoran had served with Anders before and he knew he was up to the job but it was just a little unsettling to see him switch over.

Yarrell on the other hand didn't look as thrilled with the news, the Marine had been drafted in to fill in the ranks of the Intel team and she had always been the most vocal of the group. "Or rather, who does that leave us?" The Andorian asked him. "Barker and Houghton were moved to the Resolute, Jenkins was KIA and Tendar is still on leave.

Anders nodded, "I understand your concerns, and I will note them for my next Command meeting." The Commander said. "But the short of it is, Manoora is staffed with inexperienced people who are still finding their feet."

Yarrell shook his head. "This is Crap, we Are just understaffed as anybody."

The Commander looked at Yarrell. "I know this, which is why I have requested additional staff for the Department." Anders scratched his chin. "Yarrell, you are the Acting Head of Intel until either a Replacement pops up or the War ends, Gretzka is the Deputy."

The two of them looked a little shell shocked. "This is a bad idea......."

"You know the Team, you know the job and you know the pressure." Anders commented to them both. "I will still be keeping tabs on you, in an Advisory role if you like that way I can offer help,and guidance."

The Andorian Marine may not like it but orders were orders. "Aye Sir, it will be done."

Gretzka nodded n agreement. "You know me Sir, I haven't let you down yet.

"Good, I am glad we are all agreed." Anders said to the pair of them. "Now I will it to you to inform the Team and distribute the personnel as you see fit." He got up up from the desk and nodded. "I am expecting big things from you both." He said with a grin before departing.

Leaving the two of the Intel Officers to ponder what was to come. "After you Ma'am." Gretzka said motioning towards the door.

"Don't you bloody start....." She said before straightening her uniform and walking with the Warrant Officer in tow.


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