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Harnessing Potential

Posted on Thu Mar 24th, 2016 @ 1:30pm by Captain Julius Whitlam & Lieutenant Commander Anders Odegaard

Mission: The Ties That Bind
Location: Captain's Ready Room

Anders took the long step from the Turbolift towards the Ready Room. The Intelligence Officer had a set of PADD's in hand with him. He had been trying to keep up with the latest reports but sadly it was all too much to filter through.

He pressed the chime on the ready room door and waited for the Captain to respond before he entered.

Captain Whitlam was reviewing the latest personnel transfers when the door chimed, giving him a welcome distraction. Since the war began, there had been significant rotation of personnel in and out of the ship's company. He was thankful that he had managed to hold on to most of the senior staff, but even among them there had been several changes.

"Come in!" the captain called, setting the PADD down on the desktop and leaning back in his chair.

Anders entered the Ready Room. "Hope I am not disturbing you Sir?" He asked waving a PADD towards Whitlam. "News from the world of Intelligence." Anders said to the Captain. "The 31st took a beating at Cait."

Whitlam's head dropped and he pinched the bridge of his nose in dismay. "One of these days, Anders, you're going to walk in here and tell me we've driven the Dominion back somewhere." He lifted his head and focused on his intelligence officer. They had grown to work very well together in the few months since this damn war began and Whitlam had been impressed with the amount of development he had seen in such a short time. He managed to produce a grin as he gestured to one of the two seats on the other side of his desk. "Have a seat."

Anders nodded and too the offered Seat. "That is possible, though if I was to do that then you and I would soon be tasked with rebuilding what was destroyed." The Norwegian Officer chuckled. "That in itself would be more frustrating."

The captain nodded and then seized on the segue that was offered. "Speaking of rebuilding," he said, reaching for one of the PADDs in the pile next to his computer terminal, "We've had another round of transfers and promotions come in." He held up the PADD with the screen away from Anders. "I've lost another security chief. Lieutenant G'rech has been transferred to the Majestic."

"Well you can't blame him." Anders commented. "Majestic is taking heavy losses, for those ambitious Officers looking for Career expansion it is a good step." The Intelligence Officer commented.

Whitlam nodded and stroked his chin, "Indeed," he said, eyeing his intelligence officer. "But that leaves me in a position where I need to find a new security chief. Fortunately, I already have somebody in mind. He's proven himself over the past few months and I've personally come to rely on his keen mind and astute analysis."

"That is good to know, shall I have them report to you when my Watch is over?" Anders asked the Captain, after all the Lieutenant was the Watch Officer for the time being.

"That won't be necessary," Whitlam said with a quick shake of his head. He reached into the top drawer of his desk and retrieved a small black box. He tossed it to Anders and smiled. "He's already here."

Anders opened the box and noticed the hollow Pip. "This is unexpected......." He said a little taken aback by the notion of such a prospect. "Three Red Shirts in the hierarchy now?" He chuckled.

"You've earned it, Anders," Whitlam said, a serious tone in his voice. "Over the past few months you've exceeded all expectations and proven yourself to be an excellent officer. I was pleased to recommend your promotion. But it's not just an extra pip on your neck. I want you to take over as Chief of Security and as Second Officer. You've relieved at tactical plenty of times since joining this crew and I know you can run a department so you are, in my view, an excellent choice for the position. Do you accept?"

Anders nodded. "I accept, very much so." He said with a nod of thank you towards his Captain. This also signalled that his Billet was more or less Semi permanent now. "I would ask that I be allowed to appoint my Successor in Intelligence."

"Subject to my approval, that would be fine," Whitlam said as he stood up. He straightened his jacket and stuck out his right hand. "Congratulations, Commander," he said. "And don't forget the gold undershirt for your next shift."

Anders stood up and excepted the handshake. "Thank you Sir." The Intelligence man chuckled at the thought of a colour change. First Grey then Red then Gold, here was hoping Diplomatic Purple was off the cards now......

Whitlam watched the new chief of security walk out and nodded to himself. He was confident that Odegaard could do the job and thought he had a lot of potential. As he sat down and returned to the PADDs, the captain found himself hoping that he could give Odegaard - and everybody else on the crew - the chance to live up to their potential. At the end of the day, he was responsible for all of their lives. And he was about to lead them back into battle.

Captain Julius Whitlam
Commanding Officer


Lieutenant Commander Anders Odegaard
Chief of Security/Tactical


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