Lt.Cmdr K.Soloman's Personal Log.

Posted on Sun Sep 25th, 2016 @ 6:44pm by Lieutenant Commander Kiaon Solomon ,Mr

Kiaon strode around his quarters.

=^= Computer begin personal log =^=

*Sound of a throat being cleared before Kiaon's voice can be heard with a distinct but minor tinny distortion to it, almost slightly muffled*

This is Lieutenant Soloman's personal log beginning stard...

*brief chuckle cut short*

Correction, Lieutenant Commander's personal log,

I've been on the Manoora now for 4 days, still on medical leave, still not used to that extra pip, still dont feel really like me.
My guts ache, the nerve pain comes and goes, natural sleep is elusive and my appetite is non-existent. But I force myself to eat and I'm told that medically I am making good progress and will make a steadily full functional physical recovery.

'Soon' I'll be put back on light duties and soon after that full active service. Ordinarily they tell me I'd be in a medical facility with gradual rehabilitation and eventual return to service. What soft arsed pampering shite, its probably why we are in such a mess like this in the first place. If it's acceptable when the shite hits the fan to fast track me through to active service again and to do so on the active ship i'm posted to then they should do so all the time...

And why tell me that anyway? Bloody Junior Doctors, it's hardly going to help.

Apparently my particular radiation, burn and pressure injuries are 'most interesting' typically seen only in historical accounts and specialised holo training simms.... Fucking Vulcans.........*Glib chuckle*

I think I'll be the judge of when i return to full duty or not, none of this half duty waste my time nonsense.If I cant greet those I'm going to serve with in a useful state I wont do it at all.

When I get the *Grunts of pain....followed by the sound of a Hypospray*


I think i'd better sit down *coughing*

Anyway it looks like there is a good deal of room for improvement with the Pilots and the back seat jockeys as well as the fucking fighters too. Still utilising old ideas and are too far by the fucking book in every regard from what i can see. I just hope the old horse Kell-something can step up to the plate. I'll not have time for inefficient wank from my apparent superiors.
I've got more time in combat and targets to my name than most, I'm the only one from the top set in the academy still breathing, Klingons, Jem'hadar and fucking thumb heads, fuck em all *Voice strains through another grunt of pain*

That medication is pretty heavy.... time for bed again computer

*The sound of strained movement and breathing*

*Mumbled speech* 'Goodnight Lanora'

*Heavy breathing and sporadic snoring continue for 15 minutes until the computer naturally ceases recording*