Lieutenant Commander Kiaon Solomon

Name Kiaon Edward Solomon ,Mr

Position Squadron Leader

Rank Lieutenant Commander


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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 27
Callsign (Fighters Only) Callsign: "Vedek"

Physical Appearance

Height 5'9"
Weight 200 lbs
Hair Color Light Brown
Eye Color Dark Blue
Physical Description Well built with an athletic frame, pale skin and short cropped hair.
He wears his dress uniforms sharply but his working gear could be described as practical and shabby.
Out of his uniform he keeps to a masculine range of smart casual hard wearing clothing with a classic earth militaristic style to them, which is popular amongst some elements of Starfleet and the marines.


Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Father Francis Solomon
Mother Teresa Solomon
Brother(s) Brother(s): Greggor Solomon (Language teacher)
Lieutenant Jonathen Solomon (Medical Officer)
Lux Solomon (Literature student)

Sister(s) Sister(s): Nora English (Science student)
Other Family Bajoran Grandparents, 1 Uncle on Earth, 1 Aunt on Vulcan, 2 Uncles in the Badlands current fates unknown.

Personality & Traits

General Overview General Overview: A Good sense of humour although sometimes a little too blunt but caring. He often focuses on the bigger picture or principle than the detail.
He can be gregarious and a little flippant and a bit of cynic, especially when it comes to the Federation. However the outbreak of the war has begun a tendency to darker and less friendly tendencies in his behaviour.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Practical
+ Natural fighter
+ Passionate
+ Gifted Pilot

+/- Aggressive

- Irreverent
- Ruthless
- Can be a bit black and white
- Racist (towards Cardassians)
Ambitions Professionally to Progress to wing commander or to move into Command with a view to Captaincy one day.

Personally to help save the Federation in his view and destroy its enemies, especially Cardassians.
Hobbies & Interests Listening to classic Audiobooks, especially regarding philosophy and politics.

Shooting, camping, Martial arts (Traditional and Krav Maga)

Personal History Born 2347 on earth in the European region, to parents both of Barjoran ancestry and the eldest of 5 Children.

A fairly normal childhood growing up in the privileged oasis of peace and high technology that is Earth. Idealistic and challenging of authority by nature he had some ups and downs within the strictures of expected behaviour with his education but being bright, passionate and engaging he managed to do fairly well.

With Bajoran Grandparents on both sides and his parents still keeping to some of the religiou-cultural practices he grew up with a strong faith in the prophets. However the stories of the horrors of the Cardassians and a visit in his mid teens to his Uncles in the Badlands DMZ strongly rooted his bias against them as a species and political entity.

With the battle of Wolf 359 so close to home he felt the need to do something and signed up for the Marine reserves while he was studying Law and the classics. After finishing his degree he volunteered for for a short mobilisation with the Marines and helped support some disaster relief and anti-pirating operations. While never having fired a shot in anger he gained some valuable insights and clarity about where he wanted to go in life, he felt the call of the Captains chair, despite his love of the hard training and grittiness of the Marines, and applied for Starfleet academy.

While at the academy he hid his anti-Cardassian bias well, knowing how such views would be viewed. He finished in above average in most of his classes, but did well in the practical and physical elements, leadership and importantly discovered his gift for flying and when put forward for the Advanced small craft pilot's programme , more commonly known as the Fighter pilots course, he finished just within the top 10% of his class but his attitude and lack of application to the more 'boring' aspects let him down and this was reflected in his reports.

With the growing political tensions he was assigned to Starbase 343 near the Klingon border with a new fighter group to augment their patrols and defensive capabilities. Disappointed by his initial assignment and questioning if he had made the right choice in pursuing the pilot's seat over the Captains chair.

However life on a busy Starbase had its advantages and he soon struck up a relationship with his fellow Ensign and Engineer Lunora Kealson. She was the only serious relationship he'd had to date and she made the otherwise directionless monotony he feared might set it a near impossibility. Things changed however as the political tensions increased with the Klingon Empire, at first he was simply busier, patrols, posturing, standoffs. But then the small raids and acts of aggression began. Followed soon after by a string of redeployment's as Starfleet re-postured in the region.

Kiaon was made Acting 2ic of his Squadron and soon defacto Squadron leader, after his Squadron and him learnt some brutal and costly lessons along with many of the local Starfleet forces during the early weeks of the conflict. It was against the Klingons that he really cut his teeth as a fighter Pilot and his tactical flare and aggression in combat came to the fore.

Within days losing his Squadron leader and several others he had to deal with Lunora's reassignment to the recently re-commissioned Centaur class USS Belathon, to bolster the local patrol group. Their relationship suffered but he was suprised how they seemed to grow closer despite seeing eachother less.

However at the conclusion of the Klingon conflict he had to deal with being reduced back to Flight Leader while Starfleet's bureaucracy hesitated over his suitability for promotion given his lack of time served and aspects of his combat performance. His Squadron and him were re-deployed along the' Nothernmost' Cardassian/Dominion front while Lunora was temporarily assigned back to Starbase 343. They have tried to maintain contact but with the war and difficulty in communication, while they still occasionally write it is now merely, with sad but mutual agreement, as friends.

The build up to the war with the dominion was tense and dicey, with his flight almost involved in several small but uneventful clashes. As much as this intensity and the aggressive clashes with the Klingons had seasoned him, he was not prepared for the crushing force he faced at the opening of the war with the Dominion.

The War began for him with his Task Force launching an attack on a presumed 'Key storage facility' which Intelligence thought likely contained Ketracel-White and a large amount of critical supplies and materials. They met stiff resistance and by the time it had been established their Intelligence was grossly inaccurate they had taken significant losses and he found himself once again acting as the leader of a diminished and battered Squadron.

The next few months saw repeated retreats and withdrawals with gradually increasing attrition within the Task Force, aboard the ship and his Squadron, and large losses of territory. This culminated in the remnants of the Task Force being split to perform mostly strategically fruitless small scale inconclusive harassing actions or forming small defensive patrols themselves as they fell back. He learnt a lot about his enemy and his propensity for tinkering with his fighter increased.

As the retreat showed no sign of slowing the Felsted was paired with the USS Cannock and tasked with quick strikes and raids against vulnerable enemy targets 'behind the lines'. The first 3 targets were poorly defended ground bases and an orbital staging posts. Kiaon and his Squadron took on the role of Torpedo bombers executing the coup des gras while the starships took on the brunt of any defences. Given this relative reprieve he found the time to innovate and really push the boundaries of what was thought possible with the small craft under his command.

Eventually however the momentum of the Dominions advance caught up with him. Holed up in a large stable 'crevasse' on the edge of an uncharted nebula for a relatively safe repair and resupply the Dominion came for them. Outnumbered and caught unawares the order was given to break cover and make their way to the ERV, Kiaon's Squadron took heavy casualties and he was ejected into space and severely injured as his fighter was destroyed. He awoke aboard the Cannock as it limped back to safety. His recovery was as slow as the journey and he spent a numb week on some hasty excuse for a starbase before it too was abandoned and became a passenger again on the overcrowded Cannock. Orders came through confirming him in rank as Squadron XO and his posting to the USS Manoora.
Service Record Starfleet Marine Corps (Volunteers)
2365: SFMC(v) Recruit
2366 - 2368: Marine Reservist
2368 - 2369: LCpl, Short Term Mobilised - Reserve Service (STM-RS)

2369 - 2372: Starfleet Academy (Cadet)
2372 - Flight Leader, Starbase 343 (ENS)
2373 - Acting Squadron 2ic, Starbase 343 (Lt JG)
2373 - Flight Leader, USS Felsted (Lt)
2373 - Acting Squadron Leader, USS Felsted (Lt)
2374 - Squadron 2ic, USS Manoora (Lt Cmdr)

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