Important Announcement from the Commanding Officer

Posted on Sat Nov 26th, 2016 @ 2:54pm by Captain Julius Whitlam


It is with a heavy heart that I inform you of my decision to resign my command of the Manoora. I will also be standing down from all simming commitments, effective immediately.

The truth is, I’ve been struggling over the past year or so with several personal and professional issues in the real world, none of which have been resolved. This means that other parts of my life, including simming, have suffered as a result. We’re a community and it’s not fair on members of this community if I cannot live up to the expectations put on us all. I’m just unable to give this sim the attention it deserves and that’s not fair on you all.

I have advised the Fleet Commander and our Task Force CO of my decision. As for the future of the Manoora, that is in the hands of the Admiralty and you. Usually, in situations like this, they will open expressions of interest for a member of the crew to take command. My preference, however, is for the sim to close down. Stories of the Dominion War can be told with a different ship and a different crew, but I had a long-term vision for Captain Whitlam and the Manoora that I may someday be able to continue.

Of course, that’s just my view and ultimately it's not up to me.

It has been such a pleasure writing this story with you all and I really do appreciate how you’ve stuck with it through some difficult times. You’re a talented group of writers and I am so pleased that our paths brought us together for this short journey into the stories of the Dominion War.

I wish you all the best in your writing endeavours and hope that we’ll cross paths again sometime in the future.

Captain Julius Whitlam
Commanding Officer
USS Manoora



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