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Chef Tactical Officers Log - Stardate 51080.7

Posted on Fri May 27th, 2016 @ 10:52am by Lieutenant Commander Anders Odegaard
Edited on Fri May 27th, 2016 @ 10:58am

So I was trawling through the files on my Personal Computer when I realised that in all the time I settled on the Manoora, I hadn't posted a proper personal log. I guess in some ways the initial diversion to this posting and the nature of my job was a distraction so that I didn't see it as a priority or worth my time. But over the last few months so much has happened that it makes it hard to really start off, so here goes.

In three months I have gone from filtering out information and analysing the enemy like some kind of experiment under a microscope, to running readiness drills and reprimanding Crewmen who leave their Phasers on their bedside tables. To be honest if somebody said to me when I arrived here that I would make the switch from Intelligence to Tactical I would probably have laughed my arse off from here to Rigel VII. Anders the Tactician? Not something I could get used to if we are being so honest.

But in truth with everyday that passes I see that the Tactical Department needs that helping hand and that stability. They have had so many Officers come in to try and fill these boots and then disappear off to another posting or crumble under the pressure. It doesn't bode well for morale in times of war. The Captain feels as though I am up to it so I guess only time will tell on that one.

Yesterday I received a Holovid from my Mother, it turns out that Natalie my sister has just got engaged to the Chef she met in Oslo. Hopefully I can get some leave in when they settle on a date, it will be good to catch up. Mother also says that Lukas just became XO on the Tel Aviv and is coming home next week before he takes the posting. As for dad? Well being an Admiral in the middle of a War isn't exactly great, but he is getting there and he still keeps in touch every day. He heard about my promotion and my switch and is already telling me which Commands I should be taking and which Officers could use Officers of my skill set. The Truth is I like it here on the Manoora. I have seriously co side red what I want to do when the War is done and I think this would beasgood a place as any to flex my Command muscles. Not many Intel Officers choose Commands but I guess I am far from ordinary.

When I was Stationed on Earth it was easy to visit home everyday or every other day, and when the War is over with I plan on doing it again. I miss them but at least it gives me hope knowing that I am fighting to keep my family safe so that we can have those moments. I feel safe knowing that there are a few of us Odegaards in Starfleet with the same ideals and like they say Home is where the Heart is.

Anyway I have rambled on enough to last me a lifetime. I have new faces entering the Department at 08:00 so I best get some shut eye.

End Log.


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