Captain Melody Windsor

Name Melody Anne Windsor

Position Delta Company Commander

Rank Captain


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Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 25

Physical Appearance

Height 5’ 10”
Weight 175 lbs.
Hair Color Auburn
Eye Color Green
Physical Description The rigorous training regiments of the Federation Marine have left Melody athletically tone. Her own habits and efforts have left her with a certain edge of softness, in spite of that tone. She typically has her hair pulled back into a neat ponytail, and almost always has a twinkle in her eye. Her years in the Marine corps have taught her discipline and how to use her body, and it shows in her walk. Each step, no matter how casual, has purpose. Each sway of her hips, no matter how absent-minded, has an air of intent. She knows how her body works, and she makes it work for her.

On duty she is typically impeccably dressed, crisp uniform lines and all, while off duty she is more relaxed. Jeans and T-shirts are the order of the day, old earth punk bands galore.

She has only one truly distinguishing mark: A FMC tattoo on her right bicep.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Major Michael Windsor (Deceased)
Mother Diane Amelia Windsor-Todd
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) Abigail Faith Windsor
Other Family None in regular contact

Personality & Traits

General Overview Melody suffered her fair share of pain in her life, and the turmoil of war so far hasn't been easy on her, but Melody's father installed a drive in her that she can't let go. A drive to protect. A drive to serve. She'll honor the Marines that she's lost - both in the line of duty and personally - or she'll die trying.

Melody is an extremely driven woman, in career and life. She's a good soldier and goes out of her way to be a good friend as well. She knows the risks of having a marine for family or a friend, so she makes sure to spend every moment she can loving life with her friends and family so they'll have good memories if she goes on an mission to never return. She is a born leader, and a loyal friend.

Melody also has a temper. She feeds it into constructive, artistic ventures mostly, but her former squad mates have told tales of her losing her cool on the battlefield and trying to take on whole squads by herself before they could swing around. Luckily for her, she's also talented enough to back it up in most cases. Her former crew used to joke that she could take on a Klingon and win.
Strengths & Weaknesses Melody's strength lie in her ability to command, her quick mind, and her physical prowess. She is loyal almost to a fault, and a caring friend and commander. Physically, she is fast and agile, and not one for fear in a firefight.

Her weaknesses are her temper, and a heart that's mended but still bears the scars of loss. Her temper has put her in danger on more than one ocassion before she had time to truly consider her actions. Her fear of further loss has also caused her to make poor decisions.
Ambitions Melody wishes nothing more than to honor the memories of her loved ones who fell in the service of the Marine Corps. She'll fight until she's no longer able, and - with a little luck - then happily move to a NCO position or some nice cooshy desk job. But while there's fight in her, that's what she'll do.
Hobbies & Interests Melody plays flute and paints, has a secret collection of raunchy romance novels, and enjoys kayaking, paintball, and rock climbing.

Personal History The rolling green fields of the French countryside were Melody Richards' childhood playground. She'd grown up exploring the woods and wetlands around her home, and eagerly awaiting the return of her father from his assignments with the Federation Marine Corps so that they could explore together. Her solitude was lessened when her baby sister Abigail was born and as soon as she could walk, Abigail was along with her on her backyard adventures.

Melody grew up loving her family, especially her father, who stood as stalwart as a statue in her eyes, infallible and indestructible. They spent hours with each other, roaming the hills and woods. He'd relay stories of his latest missions. Bad guys defeated, heroes made, innocents saved; Melody would listen with starry eyed wonder and smile at the man she adored. Needless to say, when word reached them of his death during a raid on some Romulan pirates, Melody was devastated.

She, her mother and sister mourned for days, finally pulling it together in time for his memorial service and funeral. Her father's CO told Melody of his death. Three men were in the cross fire, pinned down by the Romulan pirates. Her father dove between them and the pirates - guns blazing - and died giving them time to get to safety. The raid was a success and the only casualty was her father. He'd died a hero.

Years past and the ache in Melody's heart numbed as she moved on with her life, her father's medal of honor hung high on her wall. She began pursuing her love of the flute with a great deal of fervor and was accepted into the Parisian Institute for the Musical Arts. While attending the school, She made a man named Daveed Nahime Jamar, and fell madly in love. He was a painter, a poet - and most importantly to Melody - a Reserve Marine. During her third year of college, she was engaged to Marry him.

The two of them had to part ways for a Christmas break while he went to participate in a training exercise for some new weapon upgrades. Once again, her life was shattered when word reached her of his death during the exercises. Melody dropped out of school to do some soul searching. She was aching again, but she'd had a drive since her father had passed away... a drive that she hadn't discussed with anyone, but now seemed like the time.

Her mother was none-to pleased when Melody announced her intentions to join the Federation Marine Corps. She felt that that organization had already taken enough from her and shouldn't have her daughter, too. Melody insisted, however, and eventually her mother quit arguing. Melody spent several months training to ensure that she'd pass the physical. Her father had taught her his regiment, and she knew she could stick to it.

She blew away the evaluation officer and was off to Basic before she knew what was happening. In two years she was done with basic and on to her first assignment as a part of the first platoon assigned to the Utopia Planetia ship yards. It was a milk-run mission, and nothing very exciting, but rumors of war were brewing. Melody hoped she'd never see hard combat, but she would give it her all if she did.

In 2373, the Dominion began it's assault on the Federation and her allies, and Melody found herself whisked away to fight on the front lines. The fighting was fierce and Melody lost friends along the way, but she stood strong. It wasn't long before she was a squad leader as those she served with spoke of her fearlessness and drive to protect those around her.

Before the year was up, Melody was put in charge of an elite Marine squad and received orders to report for duty aboard the USS Manoora. Her life seemed so frail as the shuttle lifted off to take her to her next post. She'd be thrown into the maw of the war with her men, but she'd lead them out the other side too, even if she never made it to the other side herself. If she died... she'd die a hero.

Just like her father.
Service Record 2366-2369 Parisian Institute for the Musical Arts
2370-2372 FMC Basic Training
2372-2373 Deployment to Mars with the Martian Defense Force
2373-Present - USS Manoora

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