Lieutenant Mikela Reyes

Name Mikela Lucia Reyes MD

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant


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Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 36

Physical Appearance

Height 5'4"
Weight 130lbs
Hair Color Dark brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Mikela is on the short side and compact, with a well-developed figure. Her skin tone is almost, but not quite brown enough to contrast with her solidly-blue eyes. She wears her hair long, in loose, layered curls, the longest layer reaching halfway down her back. She prefers baggy pants or long, flowing skirts, to hide her knee brace on the days when she is wearing it. Whether she is wearing her brace or not, Mikela nearly always has her cane in her hand or nearby, as a necessary fashion accessory.

Despite her injury, Mikela still limps with a grace that speaks to the athletic capability that she still clings to as the last vestiges of her old life.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Deceased
Mother Deceased
Brother(s) Twin: James (Jimmy) Reyes (deceased)
Sister(s) None
Other Family None known

Personality & Traits

General Overview A counselor should be a listener, a kind and gentle person, non-judgmental, willing to tease out all the feelings and make a fellow feel important once again…

Mikela is not this person.

She listens well and she is certainly non-judgmental. She is, though, more apt to describe a patient’s feelings in terms of medicine, and take a no-nonsense tone when doing so. For the people expecting the ‘soft language’ of the counseling profession, her brisk demeanor may be off-putting, even insulting. For those who may be put off by the usual counseling demeanor, her detached if friendly behavior is refreshing.

In her personal life, she is still fighting her own demons. She is often sad, and misses her twin greatly. Right now, she has no direction except for what Starfleet has given her, and she will realize at some point that it is not enough. For the first time in her life, she wants to look feminine, but she does not know why. Mikela is a person in transition, still building her new life, and not fully convinced on what she wants from it.
Strengths & Weaknesses Mikela is useful beyond her psychiatric and counselor training. She is still a crack shot, and she can fight surprisingly well – for short periods of time – if she has to. Unlike many medical professionals, she is still part Marine deep inside and will not hesitate to join the fray if her people come under attack. She also has training in medicine and can fill in as a doctor or nurse, though she is not nearly as skilled or knowledgeable as a fully-trained Starfleet physician.

Her biggest problem is that she cannot ‘physician heal thyself’. She can counsel others, and even prescribe medication if needed, but she does not know what she needs, or how to find it.

Whatever she needs to do, she will simply throw herself into the work with little hesitation, and her mixture of careful confidence and determination will carry her far, even when her skills are poor... except in areas where unfettered enthusiasm will do far more harm than good. Give her an order, and she will try to carry it out.

Though Mikela has studied xenobiology and other cultures, she is not the consummate diplomat that some ship’s captains might need the Chief Counselor to be. She is a straight-talker, which is both good and bad. She does know when to keep her mouth shut.
Ambitions Right now, Mikela has no ambition beyond simply being useful and living one day at a time. She is still struggling with each day, and does not yet feel as if she has found her feet on her new path.
Hobbies & Interests Mikela still tries to keep herself fit, and most of her hobbies and interests lead her in that direction. She enjoys swimming, and practices a modified kata in order to work her body without damaging her bad knee. She learned how to knit during her time in the hospital, but she secretly hates doing it, and only engages in it when frustrated or really bored.

Personal History James and Mikela Reyes were very young when their parents died, on a backwater Federation colony, of an epidemic that swept over the town and took down a full third of it. The twins survived with the care of a neighbor, who took in the children in addition to her own. Life was not easy for the twins. Their foster parents were kind, but they did get the hand-me-downs and leftovers from the birth children. On top of that, both of them were smaller than most of the other children until their adolescence, when Jimmy shot up in height and Mikela developed solidity. The two pushed through life undaunted, facing every foe back-to-back, winning most of their schoolyard fights through sheer coordinated stubbornness.

Naturally, they stuck together even after highschool, when both of them chose to join Starfleet. Jimmy sought out Security while Mikela easily chose the Marines, but they spent as much spare time together as they could and managed by a stroke of luck (or so it seemed at the time) to get assigned to the same ship when he finished his Academy training.

Disaster struck only months later.

The USS Icarus was the nearest ship when one of the Federation border colonies came under attack by a rogue Cardassian force. Mikela dropped to the surface with the rest of the Marines to do what they could while the ship itself was left to deal with multiple foes. The force, though readily mopped up by the two Starfleet vessels which arrived as backup, overwhelmed the little Icarus. The ship was destroyed, lost with all hands. Down on the planet, the Marines were pushed back steadily by superior numbers until they reached a town full of civilians trying desperately to evacuate. They held the line, with terrible losses. Mikela was the only survivor, and she was so badly injured that her rescue barely arrived with enough time to save her life. Even so, thanks to a moderate allergy to the types of polymers used in replacement joints, she was unable to have her left knee replaced. She was taken back to Earth, where Starfleet Medical did the best they could with what they had left.

Waking up on Earth, having lost her family, her ship, her team, and her very job, Mikela set about the difficult process of putting her life back together. She started taking courses from her bed to occupy herself even before she started physical therapy. Her first interest was biology, in hopes of learning for herself a way to fix her leg. That didn’t happen. Instead, she wandered into chemistry and then into psychiatric medicine. She didn’t care at that point what might become of her. When Starfleet gave her an aptitude test, she trusted it blindly. She did not think she would be a good Counselor, but the tests, she figured, did not lie…

So she finished her psychiatric degree, put in a few years of residency at Starfleet HQ itself in a mixture of psychiatry and counseling, and applied to return to space for her next posting. It was time, she told herself, to get ‘back on the horse’.
Service Record Marine training, sniper qualification and medic training
USS Icarus – 2 years
Medical leave – 6mo
Bachelor’s in Chemistry
MD in Psychiatry
Residency at Starfleet HQ – 4 years

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