Staff Sergeant Sandrine White

Name Sandrine Eleanor White

Position Medic

Rank Staff Sergeant


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Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 30

Physical Appearance

Height 5 ft 10 in
Weight 145 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Standing taller than most women, an athletic build capable of ferrying a man out of danger, Sandrine otherwise doesn’t attract much attention. While pretty, she isn’t anything to write home about.


Father Lieutenant Colonel Theodore White
Mother Major Alexandra White
Brother(s) Captain Daniel White
Captain Anthony White
First Lieutenant Matthew White
Sister(s) Captain Alice White
Other Family Several aunts and uncles, most marines, others starfleet.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Sandrine exude the confidence and leadership skills one would expect from career officers. While discipline and professionalism seem to be pouring out of her like it’s the only thing in there, she does smile when the situation permits it. Not exactly cold, she does keep a distance.
Strengths & Weaknesses Disciplined, professional, exceptional medic and shot. Expert Rifle Qualification badge.
Often seems detached. Difficulty dealing with people outside the marine corp. She's never really gotten her space legs.
Ambitions Having pretty much fulfilled most of her ambitions, she wishes only to keep serving the UFP, find a good marine to share a little more with, and perhaps become a full fledged doctor when she retires from the corp.
Hobbies & Interests Been slowly gathering credits for a doctorate in medicine, hoping to be able to finish when she retires. Loves baseball.

Personal History Sandrine was born to a marine family hailing from the australian outback's. Thirteen generations of marines had graced the UFP with their service, the last six serving as officers. It came somewhat to a surprise when she informed her parents she would not join the officers ranks, enlisting instead as a corpsman. She wanted to help marines keep on fighting, and save as many as she could. That! would be her service. Someone else could lead them.

As with most generational marine families, discipline and training were part of her childhood. By the age of 10 she had the skill to survive the australian wilderness, and the ability to shoot a running target at a hundred yards without technological assistance almost every time.
Competition between siblings was rough, as all vied for the approval and praise of their parents.
She never complained though, it made her the woman she is today.

She joined the service at 17, keeping up with the highest scores on board. Seeing much untapped potential in her. several of her instructors attempted to convince her to become an officer. She refused. She wanted to be on the field, saving marines. Not ordering them around. As if the universe had heard her, she was sent to the cardassian front right out of training.

She spent 4 years going from battle to battle, front to front. Received a promotion and another offer for commendation. She refused. Another 3 years and she was promoted once more with a commendation for bravery after saving several starfleet officers on Thelka IV.

Following the incident, she was considered and accepted into a special Fleet/marine HTR program. For the following 3 years they conducted several rescue and high threat missions. It was during their last mission under Starfleet Intelligence that she once again proved her mettle. Everything had gone horribly wrong, starting with the death of their CO 15 minutes after landfall. Taking lead she completed the mission and extracted the targets, despite the fact the enemy was alerted to their presence. In so doing, she also saved several enemy officers who had found themselves caught in a crossfire. This mission and her actions merited her a Citation for Conspicuous Gallantry, as well as another attempt at making her an officer. Again she refused, but was still promoted to Sergeant.

While on leave on Regulus a few years later, she once again used her talents and dedication to help in a crisis brought on a series of natural disasters. This got her a commendation from the local government.

Following these events, she requested a transfer to something a little less intense. She spent the next two years as an instructor teaching battlefield surgery to corpsman recruits. It was with surprise that she received a promotion and orders to report to the U.S.S. Manoora and join Delta company as Medic for the 1st Platoon.
Service Record 2360 Enlisted in the Marine Corps.
2362 Graduated with added Medical technician Specialist training, and transferred to cardassian front lines.
2364 Promoted to Lance Corporal for exemplary service. Refused an offer for a commission.
2367 Following the rescue of several starfleet officers on Thelka IV, promoted to Corporal with commendation for bravery.
2368 After nearly five years on the front lines, tasked to a special HTR team.
2369 During a mission under starfleet intelligence gone wrong, saved the lives of her team, as well as several ‘enemy’ diplomats. Received Citation for Conspicuous Gallantry and promoted to Sergeant. Again, refused an offer for a commission.
2371 While on leave, was present during a natural disaster on Regulus. Taking charge of a group of civilians, brought them to safety and went back repeatedly to save others. Received commendation from the local government.
2371 Transferred to training facility to teach battlefield surgery to enlisted personnel.
2373 Promoted to Staff Sergeant, Assigned to Delta Company aboard the U.S.S. Manoora to replace a retiring medic.

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