2nd Lieutenant Robert Lancaster

Name Robert "Bobby" Lancaster

Position Fighter Pilot

Rank 2nd Lieutenant


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Character Information

Gender Male
Species 1/2 Deltan 1/2 Human
Age 26

Physical Appearance

Height 1.82 m (6')
Weight 80 kg (177 lbs)
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Grey
Physical Description Bobby has an athletic build, obviously keeping himself fit through dedicated exercise. He has broad shoulders and a muscular form that comes from years of training hard, a flat stomach, and strong legs. His movements are quick and agile despite his muscular build. Bobby has no need to shave, due to his partly Deltan genes and the rest of his body is similarly hairless, but does keep the human-like hair he can grow on his head always cut to regulation. When around a superior officer Bobby is quick to straighten his spine and show the proper deference. He obviously takes great care with his uniform and appearance when on duty, making sure his clothes are neatly pressed with polished boots, and even when off duty almost always wears his uniform as well, if not his duty jacket then at least the department tunic.


Spouse None, has sworn the Oath of Celibacy
Children None
Father Gregory Lancaster, 59; Brigadier General, Starfleet Marine Corps; Delta IV
Mother Riroa Kanowali, 55; Professor of Archaeology; Delta IV
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family Bradley Lancaster, 63, Uncle; Colonel, Starfleet Marine Corps; Earth
Thomas Lancaster, 31, Cousin; 1st Lieutenant, Starfleet Marine Corps; USS Manoora

Personality & Traits

General Overview As a hybrid of two genetic backgrounds, Bobby shows some of the traits of both Humans in Deltans in both his personality and his physiology. From his Terran background, Bobby has the drive to explore the galaxy but also the capacity for violence that is harnessed by his choice of profession and tempered by his Deltan half. It also lends to him a certain flexibility to environmental adaptation as well, as Humans are known to be able to survive in a large number of environments. Finally, Bobby fully embraces - perhaps to an excessive level - the Human philosophy of bettering himself.

From his Deltan heritage, Bobby has received both the heightened sensuality, empathic abilities, and compassion for other races the Deltans are known for. Bobby does produce the same kind of strong pheromones as other Deltans so he must take the chemical suppressants to diminish this effect. Sex with a Deltan is a communion far beyond just the physical, even with his limited empathic abilities; the combination of sharing emotions with the pheromones has been known to sometimes cause insanity amongst other races, most especially with those who have weak wills. As such, he has sworn the Oath of Celibacy. Bobby does struggle with this due to his heightened sexual impulses, and can at times be quite flirtatious and playful, but takes his oath quite seriously.

The driving factor behind Bobby's life is duty. Coming from a long line of Marines, it is in his blood as he likes to say. His dedication to protocol and procedure is notable in that he is never one to bend the rules even just slightly. This sort of rigid thinking does lend itself to a lack of thinking outside of the box at times however, but also makes him an extremely loyal and hard working young officer. Bobby is loyal almost to a fault in that he will never question an order even if it might seem crazy to others. His commanding officers never need to earn his respect and devotion, they have it right from the start.

Bobby is, like many Marines, a risk taker whether it be in his career or in his personal life. He is always on the lookout for any way he can work harder, push himself further, and earn the respect of his fellow crewmen and friends. Unfortunately, Bobby can take this drive to improve himself too far along with the kinds of risks he takes. This can lead to high amounts of stress at times, as well as a lack of self esteem as he never feels that his best is good enough.

Amongst his peers, Bobby is easy to get along with and quick to smile or laugh, so long as people can live up to some of his high expectations. Of course, he expects himself to live up to the ideals of honour, courage, and commitment at all times before thinking to judge others. Bobby's friends often come from the Corps, but he has no problem getting along with members of Fleet as they all serve the Federation in their own way.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Athleticism- Bobby is naturally a physically active man. He excels in almost any activity requiring strength, stamina, and physical coordination. He is a highly agile athlete that practices a wide range of sports. Bobby's martial arts skills are notable as well, due to both his natural physical prowess and his empathic abilities.
+Empathic- Bobby's abilities are diluted by his human genes, giving him the ability to project his thoughts and receive telepathic communication. Unable to actually read minds, he can sometimes sense and understand emotions and intentions. In combat, he is able to 'read' the motor cortex of an opponent that can give him an advantage in determining what his opponent's next move will be.
+Loyalty- There is no doubt that Bobby is loyal to the ideals of the Federation and the Starfleet Marine Corps. The Corps is his life, and his service to the Federation a privilege he strives to honour every day of his life. He constantly strives to prove himself to his peers and superiors time and time again.
+Marksmanship- Bobby is a crack shot with a phaser, whether using a handheld Type I or II weapon or the rifle Type III. Tied to his excellent agility and coordination, he currently ranks at Level 13 on the phaser range and continues to hone his skill.
+Piloting- Also related to his physical and empathic skills, Bobby is an ace pilot for one so young. What he lacks in experience he makes up for in instinct, intuition, and quick reflexes. He is qualified to pilot the Peregrine Attack Fighters as well as a number of shuttles and runabouts, but is less skilled at piloting larger vessels.

-Blind Loyalty- While it can be an asset at times, Bobby's faith in his superiors could also be turned against him. With complete trust in those above him, he isn't one who would ever refuse an order no matter how questionable it's morality. This could cause conflicts of conscious versus honour for him, and he is easily manipulated by those who might seek to do so.
-Compassion for Enemies- From his Deltan heritage and from part of his upbringing, Bobby has learned compassion for all people, and his empathic abilities allows him to feel the pain and suffering he inflicts on others. As a Marine, this can often pose a difficult conflict to overcome. Bobby normally tries to disarm or disable an opponent in either space or ground combat before resorting to deadly force, even if this might put him in more danger.
-Over-eager- Constantly trying to improve himself might lead to an impressive list of skills, but it also leads to overwhelming stress and times and can lead others to find him either arrogant or too quick to please. It isn't unheard of for Bobby to force himself to work too hard and to never be satisfied with his own accomplishments.
-Rigid Thinking- With a life based so totally around the Corps, honing his skills, and obsession over impressing his commanding officers, Bobby often lacks creativity and academic knowledge. While he is not dumb, Bobby can be slow to understand complex or nuanced subjects, and takes criticism directed at him too harshly even if it is made with the best of intentions. Besides archeology, he has little scientific knowledge.
-Risk Taker- When it is only his own life in jeopardy, Bobby can take his love of physical challenges and his desire to impress his commanding officers and peers too far at times. Be it dangerous maneuvers in his fighter, high-risk sports like orbital skydiving or ion surfing, or other activities, Bobby doesn't hold back.
Ambitions Bobby's ambition is to live up to the principles of 'noblesse oblige' that his family speaks of, the idea that it is incumbent for anyone in a position of authority to always be focused on appropriate public service. For him, this means he will serve in whatever capacity Starfleet feels that he is best-suited for, be it in the cockpit of a fighter, a member of a platoon, or someday - if he shows himself to be worthy - as a leader of others. Bobby's constant attempts to improve himself could also be seen as an ambition of sorts, to further his skills as far as he can take them.
Hobbies & Interests Bobby is an overachiever, and rarely takes the time to just relax or be lazy. As such, he is often found engaging in activities that either improve his skills as a Marine and pilot, or participating in competitive or adrenaline-packed sports. He enjoys gymnastics, football, basketball, Velocity, orbital skydiving, and ion surfing for when he seeks to have fun. When training in his off-duty time, Bobby is often found in the holodeck participating in martial arts, marksmanship, and piloting simulations. From his mother, Bobby maintains an active fascination with history and archeology. It is a subject he rarely gets an opportunity to use in his career, and he is considered an amatuer by professional archeologists, but it remains one of his favourite activities unrelated to being a Marine.

Personal History A child of two worlds, Bobby is the only son of Gregory Lancaster - a human Marine and Battalion Commander of the Starfleet Marines stationed on Delta IV - and Riroa Kanowali - a Deltan professor of archeology. Born in 2347, for the first thirteen years of his life Bobby spent them on Delta IV raised by both parents but mostly in the Deltan traditions and culture. Here he learned to develop his limited telepathic skills, and often spent much of his time with his mother when she was on archeological digs both on and off planet. While his father had some influence on the young Bobby, Riroa was the one who shaped the foundation for her son's compassion and social behaviour. Bobby was immersed in Deltan culture, which readily accepted him without any difficulty because of him being of mixed race. The compassion he learned for other beings from the Deltans remains a major factor in his life today.

When he was thirteen Bobby left home to live with his uncle, Bradley Lancaster, and his cousin, Thomas, on Earth with the hopes that he would learn more about his Human heritage and their long tradition of Marine service. His uncle was very strict with discipline, and started to train his nephew hard, expecting him excel in all areas from academics to sports. Though Bradley was a stern and demanding taskmaster, he nevertheless respected the young man due to his extreme commitment and budding physical prowess. His cousin, on the other hand, was almost as different from him as was possible. Where Bobby had to work hard at school, Tom had an easier time of things as he was a natural born leader. The fact that Tom acted out often, was rebellious and far less serious about things, and that Bradley often looked to Bobby as the son he wanted rather than Tom, made things uncomfortable for the young man at times. Tom went off to the Military Academy a few years ahead of Bobby, which drove the young man to try harder as well. There was no doubt in the family's mind that Bobby would enter into the Marines, and at age seventeen he passed his entrance exam and enrolled at the Military Academy himself in 2365.

While at the SFMC Military Academy, Bobby's rivalry with his cousin expanded, though it was always rather one-sided. Tom might not take him very seriously at times, but he did respect his younger cousin like a brother. Bobby on the other hand, while he respected and admired Tom, often tried to emulate and surpass the other. As both of them were on track to become pilots, Bobby did everything he could to strive to or break Tom's records. When he failed to out do the other, which was often, it only made Bobby try all the harder the next time. He had joined the Marine Cadet's Velocity team, excelled in sports and the physical training, and adapted easily to the discipline and military lifestyle, but Bobby never felt like he was good enough when comparing himself to his older cousin.

Though he worked hard and managed to pass his classes, he never truly distinguished himself academically. He graduated in 2369 with positive notations in his file for his achievements, if not necessarily in the classroom, and Bobby's instructors hoped that with enough time and experience he would someday become an effective leader and not just a pilot, athlete, and warrior.

The USS Dromodon was his first assignment, the very same ship his cousin had been transferred to at the same time. While their rivalry and relationship continued to develop while there, both young officers began to have more respect for one another. This was helped along by the efforts of their experienced Flight Leader, Rennan Aamas. Rennan took the two pilots under his wing, teaching them what he knew and turning their attempts to one-up each other into a focused drive to improve their own abilities. Bobby participated in a number of skirmishes against the Maquis in the Demilitarized Zone during these years.

In 2373, Bobby and the rest of his flight were transferred to the 242nd Squadron as part of Starfleet's restructuring after the Romulans signed a nonaggression pact with the Dominion. In short order, he and the others found themselves on board the USS Manoora.
Service Record 2364-2368: Marine Cadet, SFMC Military Academy, Earth
- Combat Training, Flight School, and Officer Training
- Earned commendations for physical prowess and piloting ability
- Cadet Velocity Champion in 2369 in matches against Starfleet Academy
2368-2373: 2nd Lieutenant, Marine Pilot; USS Dromodon
- Engaged Maquis on numerous occasions in space dogfights, ship boarding actions, and ground combat
- Qualified for shuttle and runabout piloting
2373-Present: 2nd Lieutenant, Marine Pilot; USS Manoora

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